How does it work?

Once you book a specific date and route, aLookingglass will approve the booking and your booking is final. Note that we operate with a number of providers and will match you based on the route and number of passengers.

You can reserve the trip for a fraction of the total cost. You will need to pay the remainder within 30 days of arrival. Failure to pay within a reasonable time period (7 days) will result in cancellation of reservation.

For cancellation 31 days and more prior to the date of the journey, the cancellation fee is 20%. For cancellations 14 days – 30 days, the cancellation fee is 50%. For cancellations under 14 days, there are no refunds.

If the payment is not paid in total at the time of purchase (reservation), the provider and/or aLookingglass will request the remaining sum within 30 days of arrival. All providers and aLookingglass do process credit cards, aLookingGlass can process PayPal as well. Contact us if you are not sure.

The services provided are performed by third party contractors.

aLookingGlass reserves the right to refuse any reservation or booking for any reason and without any compensation of excess of the paid amount. We are humans running on coffee, not kryptonite. There are cases where you can book too close, or for a date where everyone is full (New Years, etc). We’ll confirm your reservation/booking as soon as we can. Bear with us, we’re improving our system.

VI/BVI Water Taxi Guide